Earflap Hat Help

Hey y’all!
I’m new around here and I need help finding a pattern for an earflap hat!!! Although I am new to the site, I am not a new knitter. I have been knitting since the middle of October.
If you can, find an earflap hat pattern for me!!
Please and thank you!!

Here is a link to lots of different hat patterns. Hope this helps you find what you need.


None of the ones I gave you worked?

they worked, but I want to find a selection of hats to do before I choose one/two to knit up
i checked them out, though, THEY ROCK!!! :yay: thx

Okay, if I find anymore I’ll post them here.

you do that okay? :yay:

I just started this one from Bernat…for a teen. You may have to sign up to get the patterns…


thankyou thankyou thankyou so much bethany!
i will co at once…this hat is for me :aww:

cool! doing it in the camo for my niece and trimming it in an orange eyelash yarn:)

sounds awesome
thx 4 posting