Eagles Nest-LIVE!


Live Webcam of the eagles and the nest with TWO eggs!!:muah:

GO Watch!!!

That’s awesome!

Thanks for that link! I hope they hatch and do well:pray:.

This is too amazing to watch. I love when they are feeding, they are so gentile.

That’s amazing. Eagles are so beautiful.

Awww how cute! I can see them wiggling a little bit under the mom/dad!

BUMP!!! the babies have hatched and feeding time is really neat!!

Saw the parents taking off and coming back. No food, though! They seemed to be defending their nest with calls for awhile. Very interesting. I’m wondering where’s the beef? I’ve seen robins and other birds nests close up and whenever a parent lands the babies sit up and beg with mouths wide open.

These babies don’t seem to care. Are they alright? Haven’t seen a feeding yet. I’ll bet that’s a big event. Just wondering.
P.S. Gravity is the one thing that hinders me when mounting a horse. :<)

yes feeding time is exciting…It’s wet and raining here so maybe they are hiding for a while…

Yes, gravity plays a big part in any horse activity…