E. Zimmerman's rib warmer pattern

Help I’m stumped:hair: has anyone made this vest? I have gotten to the point where you start the curve of the front. I have 30 st on the needle. K 29, TURN, knit back, K 28 TURN, knit back… down to you have 15 stitches… :whoosh: well I still have 30 stitches and a curve…
pattern continues Knit 1 more every 2nd row until you have 30 again… The pattern is in Knitting Workshop book… I appreciate any help :waah:

You’re doing short rows. You won’t reduce the number of stitches on the needles, just change how many of them you knit on each row.

When you do the first row and knit 29 and turn, there will be a stitch left on the left needle that doesn’t get knit this time. On each row, you knit one less stitch until you only are working on the center 15. Then you knit the stitches and increase on each side until you’ve knit all of them.