E wrap

In the current issues of Cast On there is a wonderful pattern for a handbag. The pattern instructs you to increase stitches using the e wrap method. Does anyone know what that is.

It’s another name for backward loop cast on. Check out the video on it:



I am an experienced knitter trying to help someone who is making the felted Tea Party purse in the current issue of Cast On magazine. Interestingly, I found someone in the forum who also had problems with this pattern. They asked what the e-wrap CO method was, and the response was “It’s another name for backward loop cast on.” Ingrid referred the knitter to the video, which I’ve also viewed. Unfortunately, I don’t have the entire pattern in front of me, but here is what was sent to me via email in requesting help:

I-cord BO Around Top of the Bag:
drop right needle, using the E-wrap CO method, CO 3 stitches to one of the dpns. Slide these 3 st from dpn onto LH needle. Knit the first 2 stitches. Knit the 3rd st and a bag st (???) tog going throught the sts. Rep until you have BO all bag sts. BO sts and sew ends together.

She continues: “I’ve CO the 3 st onto a dpn, slide those onto the LH needle, and then I’m lost. Which needle (dpn or RH) do I use to knit the 2 stitches? The 3rd stitch and a bag stitch? How does this bind off? It seems as though at least one step is missing.”

Now that I’ve viewed the video on the E-wrap CO method, I don’t know what a bag stitch is. Can you help? Thanks.


The ‘bag’ stitch is just the stitch that’s part of the bag.

She’s doing an applied icord, or icord bind off, for which there are directions. You use your RH needle and knit off the LH needle.

Check out the directions here or google icord bind off or applied icord. I think pictures are easier to understand than my trying to explain it.