Dyslexic sock

I somehow have made a major boo boo:hair: :shrug: . My sock is backwards on the needles and I don’t know how to fix it. I got to the heal shaping without problems but when it said to then rearrange the stitches on the needles to do the instep it was backwards. The instep is coming out the wrong direction. I hope that made sense. I can try to scan my work if you need me to. If I was to push the heal cup inside out it looks like it might work but then it would be half inside out. Can someone help me out here?

here is the pattern:

You might have got the knitting inside out when you rearranged the sts and picked up the sock to start knitting again. Undo what you’ve done on the instep, make sure the knit or RS is on the outside and that you work with the yarn coming off the needle in your right hand. You should still be working in the round, I think and not back and forth.

Thanks suzeeq. Yes I am still knitting in the round. Your comments do make senseas I was sorta knitting in the dark, by flashlight. This was during the ice storm 3 weeks ago. We lost power for 14 days. I told my sister that these socks were her “in the dark” socks and to expect a few mistakes.