Dying yarn w/ kool-aid

I’ve never dyed yarn w/ kool-aid but I’m thinking of giving it a shot this week as a fun “mother-daughter” project since dd is out of school this week for winter break. That said…I need a little help:

Is there a good tutorial somewhere online on how to do it?

What type of yarn works well–is there something at the craft store that would work since I don’t have time to order something online (and LORD knows I don’t take dd and ds to the LYS with me when I go!!!)?

Does anyone know which flavor would make a nice pink color yarn? I was thinking I could try to make the yarn pink since dd wants her felted clogs to be pink. I guess it would be okay if it were varigated pink…it looks like kool-aid doesn’t dye solid from what I’ve seen…

TIA for the help–my dd will be so excited!!

If your local craft store carries Lion Fisherman wool you could start with that :smiley:

Here’s a tutorial: http://www.knitty.com/issuefall02/FEATdyedwool.html

and another: http://www.thepiper.com/fiberart/koolaid/basic-howto.html

Have fun! My DD started dyeing with me when she was 5 and she loves it!

Thanks Julie–I’m not sure the fisherman’s wool would work since it’s superwash (for the clogs I intend to knit w/ them I mean). I have to go to Joann’s for some fabric for a sewing project my mil and I are going to try–I’ll look and see if maybe there is something out there by paton’s or maybe they carry that new 100% wool by lionbrand–I wonder if it comes “natural”.

If you go to Knit Picks site, they also have a tutorial in PDF format.


Hmm…according to their site it’s hand-wash only, and it doesn’t say it’s superwash…:??

there’s always Patons Classic Merino too :smiley:

Eunny’s webpage has a great tutorial on dyeing self-striping yarn to your own specs. Google should take you to some of the others I’ve seen but not bookmarked.
And if memory serves, Knitty had lots - possibly all - of the packets next to the wool dyed with it, like a colour card! E.g. a dark purple next to a ‘Cherry’ flavour pack so you see what to get, but the darkness (saturation) I imagine depends on how much you put in for each 100 g of wool.

And I think it might dye evenly if you stir it and distribute the Kool-Aid evenly through the water? And stir it throughout the process after the wool’s added. But you’d have to do it carefully so the stirring doesn’t make it felt in the pot.


cool…thanks for the info guys…I’ll check it out.

And Julie–I was confused–I was thinking of the color “fisherman” in the wool-ease line. You’re right–fisherman’s wool is 100% wool. Sorry! :doh: