Dying Roving

Is it best to dye the roving or the spun yarn?

Personally, I prefer dyeing the roving…spinning up a whole bunch of natural colored roving would drive me batty. I mean, I’ve done it, and lived to tell the tale, :wink: but I much prefer spinning colored roving and seeing how the colors take shape and interact when I ply them. :smiley:

Would you do it the same way you would for bare yarn?

Dyeing the roving gives the yarn a deeper, richer, truer color.

It’s where the expression “dyed in the wool” came from. :teehee:

I’ve dyed both ways and don’t have a preference, and yes you do the dye the same way weather its already spun or not. You just have to be a little more carefull that the raw fiber doesn’t fall apart on you. I always end up with my hands covered in loose fiber…lol