Dying hair green

So, tomorrow I’m going over to my friend’s house, and dying his hair green. I’ve had blue streaks before, but I always had them professionally done.

I was wondering if any of you had any tips or points I should know? :muah:

The dye’s your basic semi permanent stuff. We’re not going to bleach his hair first, cause that is permanent and his hair’s already a dirty blond/light brown.

I really want it to turn out good. If it wasn’t for my job, I would totally try putting some streaks in my own hair.

If it looks good, I’ll post pics.

hey, how’d it turn out?

Laura, you got caught in the west coast time warp. If you don’t change your time (currently GMT-7 in california), the boards get to ‘yesterday’ before we do. :doh:

Good luck, I tried this on ds1’s hair, he’s dark brown, and all we got was a kind of dirty green.
Tried again when he wanted to go bright red, this time I bleached first and got good results.


I have dirty blond/light brown hair, and I dyed it green. It came out looking like mud. :ick:

Unless the blond parts are REALLY light, the green just won’t take that well.

I had success with purple streaks without bleaching, but you couldn’t see them against the rest of my hair, so that was annoying.

Seriously, if you put green over anything but light blonde hair, it just looks like the hair is diseased or something. It’s bad. I’ve done it before. Unless it’s a dark green, like a Hunter green or something like that.

Another tip I can offer is to put the dye on it and put saran wrap around his hair, then blow dry it to get it warmed up. Wrap an old towel around his head and leave it for as long as he can stand it. It will make the color more intense. Of course, this is only from my experience with Manic Panic and another one of those types of dyes.

Good luck! Post pictures!

If it’s the Manic Panic stuff, be careful cuz it’ll stain just about anything it touches unless you wipe it up REAL quick.
Put vaseline around the hairline on his face and neck. It’ll help prevent the dye from staining his skin.

I had my hair green for a while. I loved it!

Hmmm… I don’t mean to hijack but you guys got me thinking. DD wants either bright red, pink or purple streaks in her hair. I’ve been coloring my hair for years n years, but only blonde or brown. I figured I knew enough to do her hair myself. Her hair is naturally blonde (not really light, but an average blonde I guess). Should I bleach it first before adding streaks? Sounds like a pain to bleach streaks and then dye them…

PCwombat, I hope it turns out well. Hope to see pix either way! :slight_smile:

If she’s a golden/honey blond, very middle of the road, I don’t think it’d be a problem. The dirty blond/light brown hair is where you will DEFINITELY have problems.

Also, I think red/pink/purple will take more strongly and last longer than the green. I have no actual basis for this feel, though. :teehee:

Red fades quicker than almost any other color. I don’t know why.

I did mine purple right after dyeing it light brown and most of the time it just looked dark brown, but when the light hit it, you could see the purple. It was really pretty.

I’d say just start off without bleaching it. If it doesn’t look like you want it to, you can always go back and bleach it after it’s washed out a bit.
Unless she wants them to really stand out. Then bleach it.

I think so too. I had a friend that did pink in her hair and it took pretty well and she was a darker blonde

Eeep… she’s more dirty blonde than honey blonde. Thanks for the advice everyone. I’ll probably just do it and see how it turns out. I can’t imagine the trouble it would be to bleach the streaks, then dye them. She’s not TOO picky, thankfully, so that takes the pressure off. Or maybe I should just take her to the salon… :slight_smile:

DH has just undergone round two of “Flash Lightning” (bleach) in preparation for dyeing his hair in Manic Panic’s ‘Midnight Blue’. His hair is actually dirty blonde, but it took 2 applications of bleach to get it white enough to take color properly. He wants true, vivid color, though.

The secretary in my office came to work today with half her hair colored magenta–it looks fantastic! I sooooooooo want to dye mine! Vampire red…:teehee:

I have red. :twisted:

I’ve got “natural” red, but it faded very quickly to auburn. I’m getting roots, so I need to re-dye it, but I’ll probably go with a natural red again. :teehee:

Well, we tried it out. If he’s in the light, you can sort of see it. Subtle was the word I used. It’s a cross between a very light green, yellowish highlights, and the green you get from swimming in chlorinated water for too long. But, I don’t think it looks [I]bad[/I], just not bright green. But, I’m just surprised the color took at all. If we do do it again, we’ll just leave it in longer and heat it with a hairdryer. Bleaching isn’t an option because his mom was rather upset that he dyed his hair at all. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have any pics because the change is so small that my camera was just making his hair look yellowish.

Silver, I think red highlights would work well without bleaching first. From what I’ve read, the hardest colors to get are the unnatural ones, like blue and green. When I had blue streaks (and I had bleached my hair first) I was lucky if it lasted a week without fading to a light greenish blue. Also, bleaching’s just a pain in the butt.

My DD was about 10 when she wanted to color her hair RED… Thinking she was to young to get it bleach I found out about
Kool-aid dyeing. It works, for a few weeks, with every washing it fades. but it was just what she wanted and by the time it was gone she was tried of it. So glad I did not take her down to get it done.

I bleach the bits I want bright in tin foil, then use the coloured dyes. So I have mermaid hair - reddy/purple for the most part with bright turquoise bits. From my experience, even people with light hair can benefit from bleaching if they want bright colours, because the process seems to open the pores on the hair more, so the dye takes better. Not sure if that’s actually what’s happening, but it seems to be true.

I have dark hair, though, so have to bleach if I want any colour like that. The purpley colour over the rest of it needs to be redone every two months or so, and the stripes every couple of weeks.

I love vampire red! I had my hair highlighted and then used VR on the front part. Very cool! Unfortunately, my job made me dye it back. I was NOT happy!

You MUST bleach your hair out before using the Manic Panic stuff or else it’ll look awful! When my girls wanted their hair colors, I told them that the only way they could do it was if they let me do it for them! They went to Sally’s and got a packet of on the scalp bleach and some 20 volume (or was it 40?) peroxide and we bleached it almost white. When the color went on, it was gorgeous and very even.

We’ve done pink, red, green, blue, purple, you name it! My mother would go crazy but I didn’t care because, really, it’s only hair!

If I wasn’t working at Disney, I would have a shaved head of purple hair! I love those crazy colors!

Here’s my daughter beth with pink hair. I’ll have to dig out some of the other ones.

My nephew went to Tennessee to a big concert last week and this is what he did to his hair the night before. Crazy!