Dying and felting question

I want to dye some wool using the kool-aid microwave method but i was wondering, with the soaking in the hot water, will that felt the yarn or is it only if i aggitate it while it’s soaking? Thanks in advance :mrgreen:

I’ve dyed using the microwave method and my yarn did not felt.

Just be careful not to agitate it.

I googled and found a lot of helpful blogs on the internet with different ways to dye… they did say you needed to becareful cause if you shock the wool… it will felt… I followed one site that said to place it in kinda luke warm water first for about 20 mins with a little bit of vinegar… then start the dying process… it was 2mins in the microwave then let the yarn rest for 2mins… I just kept going till I got it how I wanted it… I also used Wilton’s dye… it worked out pretty well… my first skein anyways the 2nd I tried to stripe and the colors that Wilton says they are isn’t how they dye… or it wasn’t the case for Christmas red… :pout: its still hanging waiting for me to decide what color to try over top of it :rofl: