Dying - alpaca/cashmere/silk

I am knitting a throw with Panache Cloud. Can I just say how hideous this color is? It is quite literally fisherman’s wool color. How it is anything like a cloud is beyond me. I should clarify. It’s not a terrible color for everything, it’s just terrible for what I am doing. But I was on a timeline and couldn’t wait for another shipment. So my question is: can I dye it?

Here is the makeup of the yarn: 40% Baby Alpaca, 20% Cashmere, 20% Silk, 20% Extrafine Merino

Can I use Kool-aid? Or do I have to used something else?

Protein fibers take dye exceptionally well (acid, Kool Aid, food coloring); but I’m not sure about the silk. Is it a protein fiber? :thinking:

You might check out knitty’s various articles on dyeing; surely one of them mentions silk. Or, you could experiment with a small piece of the yarn to see if the dye works (just don’t forget to add vinegar if you use food coloring!).

[color=indigo]Yes, silk is a protein fiber. Each of the fibers may take the color differently, so you may get some really interesting results from the dyeing. The silks I’ve dyed with KA have been very bright while the wool is a bit toned down. Please share pics when you are finished.[/color]

Well I am doing something sort of crazy. I am going to dye a finished piece. It didn’t occur to me to try and dye the fiber before I started knitting. I have to block the piece anyway, so I figured, I am going to dye, rinse and then block it. ANY color combinations that come out of this are better than the original color. Fisherman’s wool is not bad for a lot of things, but this is supposed to be a fancy schmancy wrap!

Wow, dyeing a finished piece? You are brave!!! :notworthy: :notworthy: I can’t wait to see what happens!

Okay. I wasn’t afraid before. Now I’m afraid. Is there something I should know?

The only problem I forsee is ensuring that the saturation of the dye is even–unless you want a heathered look for the wrap. It could be messy, but you might want to lay the wrap on some plastic and pour the dye on it and squish it in to enusre even coloring, making sure the dye is going through the entire project. (Just lift it up and look from time to time. Seepage through will help, but it may be inconsistent.)

Next question. How the :!!!: do I know how much kool-aid I need? Is there a formula for the weight or yardage of the fiber?

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Knitpicks’s tutorial says 1 package per 1 oz of yarn for best color saturation.

Darn. I guess I should have looked that up myself, eh? :oops: