Dyes Running

I dyed my yarn with jacquard dyes, following knitpicks directions. This problem didn’t occur with my last batch, but each time I rinse my yarns after their dry, the dye keeps running out of them.
Any solutions to this problem?

what color did you dye? Have you tried re-setting the dyes with heat (a microwave or crockpot)? Red colors tend to have bigger particles which can lead to more run-off then other colors. HTH

turquoise, teal, blue, green, and brown
I need to get a bowl to do the microwave thing.
Have you ever tried a hairdryer, or an actual dryer?

nope. is your yarn wool? or a blend? silk and alpaca won’t hold dye as well as wool…I think you can also use an oven.


very low heat 275 F, 20-30 minutes… (scroll to page 45)
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i would also say to make sure you are using enough acid (vinegar)

that happened to me once… i was wondering why my color wouldn’t take all of the way … i forgot to add the vinegar to my dye pot! :slight_smile:

I added the vinegar. I’m using wool and cotton. Mostly cotton (1 thing of wool)

thats the reason…cotton doesn’t dye with those kind of dyes

it will take to the wool but not the cotton

you can read more about it here


well darn…the cotton didn’t work with the koolaid either…although it did last time…

You might have better results with a different mordant to get the color to ‘bite’ into the fiber better.

I’ve done very little dyeing (KA or acid dyes) but have don’t a bit with natural dyes. Changing the mordant will affect the out come.

You also might want to think about adding some salt to your dye pot or rinse water