Dyers! I need your help!

I’m all set to get into dying - but I have no idea what I’m doing. I know about the mordant, and I have some dyes from KP, but I’m pretty clueless other than that. HELP!! I know you all can help - I’ve been looking at the beautiful yarns you’ve been posting!:heart:

What I’d really like to be able to do is some nice ocean-like muted bluesy greens in a range of colors and a few different skeins (I have kp bare). Should I use kool-aid? Or real dye (I think I have teal, green and blue, maybe purple). I don’[t expect perfection - but does anyone have any tips???


What I do is first soak my yarn in luke warm with some vinegar (I don’t measure :shrug:) let it set in that for about 30 mins… carefully use a towel to get most of the moisture out… On my table (while the yarn was soaking) I lay down cling wrap and tape it down and in the center… I place my yarn on this and then I tie scraps of yarn where I want the color changes to take place (this is just a guessing game where you think it should be)…I mix my dye into plastic cups and then take those sponge like paint brushes and just start painting it on… I get the yarn soaked through with the dye and make sure you get under it… once I’m happy with it I fold the cling up and over it and fold it in half…then I roll it up… then I put it in luke warm water on the stove… bring that up to almost a boil… then rinse till the color runs clear

I use basically KP’s dyes… I would use your teal, green, and blue to get the colors you want… :thumbsup:

Thank you dustinac!! Very helpful - I’m really itching to get started now. I just have one question - when you put in the lukewarm water, do you leave the clingwrap on - or is this just a transport thing? It makes sense both ways. And do you raise the temp slowly? Like on medium on the stove? (oh - I guess that’s 2 questions :aww:)

I’m sorry if I’m being a pain - I’ll just be doing this with kids around, and I want to be quite sure what I’m doing when I’m doing it!


:teehee: your not being a pain!!

I leave it in the cling wrap… becareful when you take it from the stove to the sink to rinse… the heat/steam inside the cling wrap is HOT… I use tongs to help me pull it off…

I raise it slowly… I have felted yarn before trying to dye lol so I always add heat slowly now…

Knitty Gritty did a show with Scout from Scout’s Swag that had a lot info… there is a website too that helped me get started and gave me the tips of laying the cling wrap out but I can’t find it right now… I’ll keep looking for it :thumbsup:

eta: hereit is

Woo hoo!! thanks! that site looks great! a project for tomorrow!! or the next rainy day …