Dyeing zephyr?

so i started the mystery stole 3 using zephyr lace weight in vanilla. i don’t like the stole, but i do like melanies hanami stole. can i dye zephyr? i was thinking of dyeing it very light blue with spots of pink and pale green… i think it would remind me of cherry blossums that way… tips?

I searched for zephyr on yarndex and got two results: one from bouton d’or (superwash wool) and one from jaggerspun (wool/silk) both laceweight (well one was listed as dk but comments state that a laceweight is also made).
Both are dyeable and the steps taken to dye the yarn are no different than dyeing a plain wool yarn with acid dye though with the jaggerspun yarn, I would use professional acid dyes not koolaid wiltons or food coloring since in my experience, food coloring based dye just bleeds to no end from silk.