Dyeing - how likely am I to mess up?

I have some lovely alpaca wool yarn, and I’m thinking about dyeing it black…but I’ve never used acid dyes before and I don’t want to risk ruining the yarn. So what’s the learning curve on dyeing yarn? How likely is a beginner to get it right the first time? I’ve only Kool-Aid dyed Fishersman’s Wool before! (and that didn’t really work very well!)

I already have some Jacquard acid dye. So what do you more experienced at dyeing recommend? Should I go ahead and dye my alpaca yarn, or should I do a few practice runs before I try on yarn I care about?


It was suggested to me that you dye the white yarn blue first then black. By doing it this way you will get a truer black. if it where me I would just bite the built and dye the yarn.

i have to say i would prefer not to dye yarn black… heh

about a month ago i dyed some superwash yarn black and had to dye it twice with loooots of dye power… it soaked it all up and didn’t bleed but it still turned out a little variegated.

i haven’t dyed alpaca before so i’m not sure how it takes dyes…i would def suggest a good long soak before in addition to dyeing it blue first… i haven’t tried that …seems lke it would work well though

have fun and good luck!

I agree with foxyie on this one. Dye your fibre a base color first and then dye it with the black. Use either magenta or cyan (red or blue) and then after that’s been set, dye it with the black. Less likely to get light areas or gray spots but will add depth do the actual black if it does variagate a little bit. You could even use green if you wanted to. Just depends on how you want your finished yarn to look like. Cool black, (blue with overdye black) warm black, (green or magenta with overdye black).