Dyeing & felting

In amongst the odds and ends of acrylic stuff in the stash I interited from my MIL I found a skein of ‘100% virgin wool’. I’d love to use it for felting something small - maybe potholders or coasters. The only problem is the color…appropriately named “Hay” (think ecru gone rancid).

I’m willing to try my hand at Kool-aid dyeing, but I’m wondering what will happen to the color(s) when I felt the finished item. Anyone tried this? This will be my first felted project, and I’ll be using the bucket-n-plunger method because my washer is still broken…I’d appreciate any and all suggestions.

I found this article on Knitty, and in the last paragraph it says if you wash the knits, they won’t bleed, so I would think you could felt without a problem.


I’ve never used the bucket-plunger method to felt, but I have felted Kool-Aid dyed yarn in the washing machine, and the colors stayed pretty much the same.