Dyeing cotton

Does it work like wool? Or do you have to do anything special? I’ve tye dyed cotton t-shirts before, is it the same?

nope. cotton is a plany fiber, not a protien so it needs a base (ie salt) to dye it, not an acid (vinegar). While you can use dyes meant for protien, dyes meant for cotton, like RIT, will work better.

AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaa. OK Thanks.

I’ve dyed (cotton crochet thread) with much success with Rit myself. But there’s an even better dye called Procion MX that won’t fade as much (if at all) over time. Properly done, your results will turn out as close to professional as can be achieved at home.

I think I’ve posted this before, perhaps one day we can stick it on a list of “Must-Have” links or something?

If you opt to use Procion MX, if I can make a suggestion that you also pick up some Synthrapol (a prewash and post dye detergent) AND Retayne or similar product to help set your your dye permanently. You can find suppliers for all of these items through the links within the site referenced above.