Dyeing Acrylic?

Hi! I’m new here and was hoping you guys could give me some advice regarding dyeing. About a year ago, I inherited a relative’s yarn stash (unfortunately), which included an insane amount of plain white yarn. I’ve been reading up on dyeing techniques (especially the Kool-Aid and food coloring methods) and am excited to try these methods out, but all the white yarn I have is 100% acrylic. Is there any way I can dye this yarn easily, or will I have to resort to the scary chemical dyes? Thanks!

Acrylic can’t be dyed with Koolaid or food colors; the way they get the color into it is done in the extrusion proces of turning it into yarn. You can try a small amount using Rit or something, but I’m not sure you’ll get good results.

I agree. The individual fibers are essentially plastic so they wouldn’t absorb the dye properly.

Pretty sure Jacquard makes acrylic dyes, google it :slight_smile:

Any suggestions how I can whiten an old acrylic baby rug? If I must resort to dyeing, can anyone recommend which products to use. Thank you in anticipation.

I never thought there was a product to dye acrylic.

Jacquarddoes make one for polyester & nylon … maybe it will work for acrylic??

For whitening the baby rug. Soak using water with 35% peroxide added to it. In your rinse water, use a bluing.