Dyeing 10 hanks

i am ordering some kp bare in bulky to make myself a sweater. i need 10 hanks, and i am going to dye it some color. i am not real concerned about what color i get, just about how to get it all pretty much the same color. here are my questions.

would it be best to dye it in hanks, or as a fo?

if in hanks, one at a time or all at once?

how much dye or koolaid will i need?

should i do it in the washing machine or a big pot?

that is all for now, if i haven’t thought of something please tell me. any other suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.

With my experience, you’d need to do it in a pot on the stove, because you have to “cook” it to make it absorb the color and set the dye.

If you use Kool-Aid, just use one packet for each ounce of yarn.

You would put the Kool-Aid in the water, stir to dissolve, then add the yarn and let it cook until the water turns clear, then remove the yarn.

Then add more Kool-Aid, stir to dissolve, then add yarn again, and cook til the water turns clear again, remove the yarn…
Over and over, til all the skeins are dyed.

If you always use the same amounts of Kool-Aid and yarn, it should all turn out the same color.

Of course, this is for a single color of yarn. I don’t know how to do the variegated stuff.

Here are some online tutorials:

Thanks Sandy. I only want a single color. I just want them all to be pretty much the same.

Knitpicks has a great tutorial for Kool-Aid dyeing, but I’m entirely too lazy to find the link for you. :wink:

Don’t forget to check out the Dye sticky on this topic page. It has several links for help and usefull items as well.

Good luck!