Dyed Roving

I dyed some of my natural wool roving. I think I needed to use more packets of koolaid…I was going for brighter colors.

PS…Does anyone have access to the BLUE or Lime Green Koolaid??? I’ll pay ya :slight_smile:

ohhhh … I think it is going to spin up really pretty … can’t wait to see the yarn !

You should really look into getting some Wilton gel dyes! They’re just as safe as kool-aid and quite cheap, but they come in a gazillion colors. :smiley:

i love my wiltons :lol: thats what i use, kelly green gives a really nice bright green.

The roving looks really pretty, even without bright colors :lol:

I’ve heard all these recommendations for Wilton dyes…where do you buy them? I can’t find them anywhere.

Food coloring can be used to dye rovings and yarn and its much much cheaper than kool aid. I got a box of four colors at AC Moore for about 2 bucks. You just need to add some vinegar to your dye liquid to aid in the chemical process.

wilton dyesare actually food color gels/paste. they work better than regulaer food color liquids because they are concentrated. i usualy buy mine from wal-mart for less then $2. i have about 7 or so colors. they mix well and dye very vibrantly


I get mine at Michael’s or JoAnn. I’ve frosted quite a few kid cakes in my day, so I’ve amassed quite a few colors. :wink:

COOL!!! I’m going to have to try that out!!! Now to buy more bare roving and yarns!! :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’ll go check those places out.