Dye yarn question

Ok, so i’ve dyed for the first time last week and now i’m hooked. My first attempt was with knit picks bare, but not a superwash. for the method i want to try next superwash is suggested, and accidently felting terrifies me but i can’t justify spend $7 for one skein of yarn from KP. does anyone know of any cheaper superwash yarn to dye? cause i got a new addiction to feed

I’m not sure what you’re asking… superwash will NOT felt.

As long as you don’t add detergent, heat and agitation all at the same time, you’ll be fine. It is much harder to felt yarn than it is to felt plain fiber and even full a knitted/crocheted/woven item.

i know superwash won’t felt. i’m looking for a inexpensive superwash wool i can dye. i’ve been told kint picks wool of the andes in white might work and i’m wondering if anyone has other suggestions.

Sorry, I misunderstood.

I can’t help you, I’m a handspinner. For $7, I can make you about 35 yards of 2 ply.

I think KP skein for $7 is a good price.

Wool of the Andes isn’t superwash, and is often used for felted projects … it felts easily. As Cyndi said above, unless you are going to be really rough with your yarn when you dye it, you don’t have to worry about felting. What method are you using ?
If you are looking for a “general purpose” yarn to dye, I use Paton’s Classic Wool - 100% Merino (it is not superwash). It is easy to get at JoAnns or Michaels and with a 40% off coupon … $3.00 for 220 yards.

I use knitpicks super wash and bare yarns. I personally like the superwash just for that safety net but I haven’t had problems with my bare and I’ve accidently boiled it before (although not very long) I do stove top method. I think you’ll be ok as long as you watch your yarn.

I don’t buy from them anymore because I use almost 100% handspun now days. But I remember Brown Sheep making an inexpensive natural colored pure wool yarn in several weights. Seems to be Columbia or the like, not as soft as merino, but very wearable next to the skin.

I use Yarn Place Chaussant. It’s a bit on the fine side for me (a fingering weight) but there is a person who sells it on ebay by the 10skeins. I bought mine for $27.00, so it worked out to $2.70 a skein. It’s a superwash and natural in color, great for the kool aid dying I do. I have some of the undyed wool in my ravelry stash, plus one that I dyed.
Good luck!