Dye on KP Circs

I just finished a pair of socks on my KP circulars, size 2 with sockotta yarn. I just noticed that either the dye rubbed off and has discolored the needles, or the yarn has rubbed the finish off. It is now a dull dark gray, rather than shiny silver. I don’t really care about the change, so long as it isn’t going to rub off on my next project. Has anyone else ever run into this?

I knit my swap socks on size four bamboo dpn’s and they definitely look a little blue now. :shrug:

I haven’t used my Options long enough to notice any dye-ing.

My KPO’s do the same thing. I think we are just taking the shiney finish off the nickle. I have never had it come on on yarn though.

If the finish is coming off the needles, I, personally, would have KP replace them.

Hildy, I take that to mean that you haven’t had this problem with any KPs? If that is the case, then I will call them tomorrow.

Well, I haven’t used them; I just think the finish shouldn’t come off. :shrug:

That’s happened to my needles too; the places where my fingers rest are no longer shiny silver, but a more tarnished gray. I assume that it’s something to do with my skin, and as it doesn’t really seem to affect anything, since my fingers are covering the spots anyway, I just leave it.

I had it happen, but only to one size of needles. That made me think it was the yarn (SWS). I called them to see if there was a way to restore the finish- they had no clue what I was talking about, but they sent me a new pair of 10.5 tips anyway.

I had the same thing happen to me. I was told that some people’s skin causes the needles to appear tarnished. I called and they are replacing mine but they said it would probably happen again. I think I am just going to slowly get Addi’s instead.

I’m betting Addis would do something similar, since they’re nickle-plated brass as well. :shrug:

It doesn’t seem to affect my knitting, so I’m sticking by my Options.

There was a thread related to this happening before.

I think it’s just your skin reacting to the needles. I highly doubt its the tarnish or damaged needles.

As a test, I suggest getting some Brasso (it’s really cheap at Walmart or Publix) and trying to rub the discoloration off/out. If that doesn’t do it, then it might be something wrong with the needles. If it does help, it’s a reaction.

I noticed that if I use my KP needles too soon after putting on lotion, it ends up discoloring them with a dull grey tarnished look. However, using the Brasso completely restored them and I haven’t had a problem since I either don’t use lotion when using them or wait until my hands have completely absorbed the lotion before using them.

I’ve had my set for months now, and that hasn’t happened to me, knock on wood.