Dye lots not guaranteed?

I was at a knitting website and got all excited about the yarns. I was actually going to order some but then noticed the statement, “dye lots not guaranteed” :?? How can anybody plan anything if this is the case? I’m just wondering if this is to this specific website only or is this a common thing and I’m just being naive? I, so far, have not ordered yarn online. I find the colorways are not very accurate on my screen and just like to see the yarn I’m going to buy at my lys. So, for those of you who do buy yarn online, do you have a problem with dye lots?

I’ve never seen that warning. What site was it? I’ve never gotten mixed dye lots unless I said it was ok to send them. I don’t remember which site it was, but I was emailed and asked if it was ok to send mixed ones.

It was this site:http://www.knitting-warehouse.com/. Sorry don’t know how to post hyperlinks. Anyhow it’s a really nice web site with lots of Red Heart yarns, and I really like it. It’s just too bad about the dye lots. You have to click on a particular yarn and then at the top there is a paragraph describing the yarn. Towards the end of the paragraph there is the line that states they don’t guarantee the dye lots. I’m sure they would send all the same lots if they had them, it’s just that if they don’t, well!

I know when I used to buy Red Heart at Wal-mart, they often said No Dye Lot, and it wasn’t the fault of the store, but the Red Heart brand really just didn’t have dye lots. A quick internet search says that Red Heart has introduced some dye lots in their line, but maybe this yarn cannot match dye lots because there aren’t any? Just a thought :slight_smile:

Good thinking! That would really be great because I’ve fallen in love with this pink/green/cream variegated yarn! Maybe I could just email them and ask. I’d check it out at my local Walmart, but it seems that the stores I’ve checked recently just don’t carry that much yarn anymore. I remember that some years back there would be several aisles of yarn but now even my local Michael’s has only one aisle of yarn. :shrug:

I have ordered from www.knitting-warehouse.com a couple of times and I have never had a problem with my dye lots not matching. Good luck!

I’ve never ordered from that particular website, but I ordered 2 skeins of Malabrigo from Chez Casuelle once, and they were different dye lots. I didn’t realize it until I was finished with the scarf I made. Oh well. Just gotta check those things.

Hand-dyed yarns like Malabrigo and Lorna’s Laces can look very different, even when they are the same dye lot.

I’ve found very little, if any difference in the more mass-produced yarns. I have skeins of Encore that are different dye lots but you’d never know. I’d think a Red Heart variegated would look the same no matter what the lot was since they make so much of it.

I used to be pretty obsessive about dye lots but I came to realise that in an item some variations of tone can actually look very nice and more natural. Depends what the item is of course but I’ve seen some lovely jumpers where tones have changed and they look great.