DVD discs

Is one brand better than another? I’m assuming so, but I know nothing about them. I’m debating ordering on Amazon a 10 pack of Maxell DVD with the slim case for $7.14. I want the cases is why I chose this one and I don’t really have much need to make copies of anything other than my KDTV video download.


I think Maxell should be fine, I’ve been told that the ones you can burn only once are better quality but that might not apply until they’ve been reused. I’m going to put my download on a USB stick as right now I can’t burn DVDs. I have to figure out how to make my Movie Player work with MP4s too.

DVD-RW are rewriteable.

DVD-R are a one-time-only burn.

I purchased 25 DVD-RW discs by Sony, at Staples Office Supply, and they’re just fine.

Maxwell is also a fine name brand. Sounds like a great price at Amazon!

I ended up buying the Maxell, but can’t seem to copy the downloaded KDTV series 100 to them. I think it’s my computer…one of the drives won’t open. My daughter’s boyfriend was going to try, but that didn’t work out that day. Maybe later.

Darn it, if I had a DVD burner that I could use I’d just burn them and send them to you. We both bought them, it shouldn’t matter, but it’s a moot point anyhow.