Dutch Heel Flap

Hi All, I am having trouble deciphering the instructions for the heel flap for the Welsh Country Stockings in Nancy Bush’s Folk Socks book, page 85.

Row 2: K1 tbl, p34, sl1 wyf. Turn.
Row 3: K1 tbl, k34, sl1 wyf. Turn.

Does this mean on Row 2 to Knit one through back loop, Purl 34, move yarn to front and then slip one, or slip one, then move yarn to front.

It seems to me if I slip one, then bring the yarn to the front, then turn and knit through the back loop I will have a big mess. How is this possible? I am sure it is easy, but I just don’t understand it.

Can anyone help?


Welcome to Knitting Help!
The instruction is meant to be read as one process: slip one with yarn in front. So yes, move the yarn to the front and then slip one. Same on both row 2 and row 3.