Durrow for my dh!

:cheering: :yay: :woohoo: :happydance: :woot:

I cast on the sleeves looong ago in May - then summer came and I put it away (and even failed to post here for months!) but when the weather changed I pulled it out and just finished tonight!

Without further ado, please take a look at my handsome dh in Durrow! Knit with Knit Picks Swish, and pattern (which is available on Ravelry) modified to knit in the round as much as possible:

Very nice job! Great color for him.


It looks great! He looks like he likes it, too! :yay:

Beautiful! I love the detailing on the sleeves.

It’s beautiful!!! He ain’t half bad, either!

Very nice . Hubby seems to be very happy with it :slight_smile:

Beautiful sweater! I love the color, and the cables on the sleeve. Hubby looks very proud!

Thanks so much all!

This was my first adult sweater, and dh picked the color himself, but I love it with his red beard! He doesn’t wear jackets much, really prefers to wear sweaters so having a custom sweater does mean a lot to him. :heart:

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]I love the colour too.
Such a nice sweater… so glad you were able to find the time… did I read that correctly - you are homeschooling 3 children…?! And still finding time to knit?!
Wow! I’m impressed…!

To Knit or not to Knit, that is the question.[/COLOR]

Thanks! Great work! And thanks so much for the link to your Ravelry! I was able to acquire the free pattern through the Ravelry Durrow page! What a great sweater! I’ve added it to my Queue! As if it’s not long enough already!

Your DH looks fabulous, and very happy with his new sweater!

That’s a fine looking sweater, I’m sure he’ll wear it with pride. :thumbsup:


Great job - perfect fit! He looks happy to wrapped in the sweater you knit for him - kinda like a nice big hug he can carry with him.

Durrow sounds what? Irish? Your hubby looks like he could be a little Irish too. I know what you mean about how pleased he is to have a custom made sweater. My hubby is like that too. More earthy, huh? Looks very nice on him, he picked a nice color.

Merigold, yep, Irish roots on both counts!

Both he and the sweater look great!

Homeschooling was great fun, and I got a lot of crocheting done at the kitchen table.

:woot: Great job!!

It looks great! Looks like he loves it :slight_smile:

Great job!!