Durable bag/purse?

i am looking for a pattern for a purse or bag for my everyday bag. i’d like it to be fairly large and very durable. i want to be able to throw some books in there without worrying baout the bag itself. is the booga bag like that? i would be making it with WOTA. should i double strand?

The new issue of Knit Scene has a bag that looks like it would serve your purpose. THere is a pic of it on the Interweave website.


You could easily modify the booga bag to suit the size that you need, but I would double the yarn on the bottom, and line the bag with a durable fabric.

I just finished felting my bag, and finding the lining was almost as fun as planning the bag itself. I’m also thinking I might include a few pockets so things like my cell phone and keys don’t sink to the bottom.

ooooooooh i am addicted to looking for fabric for bags…not so much with the sewing it up though it seems…lol

projectgal, ill definitely double the bottom of the bag, and should i double the rest of the yarn as well, or is that too much? looking for fabric does sound fun.

candi, ive never seen knitscene! im going to the yarn store today, and ill take a peek and see if they have a copy. would love to make lots of those projects! gracias for the mag hookup

I use a booga bag for books. It is specifically my church small group bag. Right now it has my bible, my notebook/journal and the rather large workbook we are using. The books are pretty heavy but it is holding up well… I do plan on adding a liner to give it a little more stability but I haven’t done so yet. (I wasn’t sure what I was going to use the bag for when I made it.)

I’ve haven’t made this one yet, but it looks cute!


I read about a bag somewhere that used what they called a “linen” stitch to make a very sturdy fabric without felting. It was something like k1, sl1 and then on the purl side it was sl1, p1. She said she shoved some 2mm needles in there and they didn’t poke through! :shock:

I just finished that bag! :smiley: Its in different colors, dark brown with light blue stripes and handles. It was really easy and turned out cute! I’m not sure if it would be durable enough or quite big enough for a book bag. Its more purse sized. I’m debating whether to line it our not. I think I might put something in the bottom to make it a little more stable. The bottom does tend to droop a little when it is picked up.

Fiber Trends has a pattern that would work for a book bag. It is AC-43 Fabulous Felt Totes. I’ve made two of them in the medium size and they are quite large. The first time I used Brown Sheep yarn and the second time I used Cascade 220 and I really like the Cascade 220 better. It felts more quickly and seems a little sturdier once felted. Check out fibertrends.com and look under accessories.

picking bags is similar to picking house, you say over nad over that you want one particular thing and then something else speaks to you

i decided to do this bag. has anyone done it?

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