Duplicate stitch?

I want to do a project that says one part is intarsia and the other (outline) parts are duplicate stitch to be added later. What is duplicate stitch?
ok- I have lots of other questions on this one. I understand the How to part of intarsia knitting but where do I add the new color?
Why does a piece of work say"turn"? if you are knitting on circular needles you have to turn the knitting project to keep knitting-
I hope someone can please clear up my confusion

Ok. Lets try to tackle these one at a time.

Duplicate stitch is a way of adding color to an already knit fabric by using a needle and the different color of yarn to stitch over top of the existing stitches. I’m sure you can find tons of examples of this on the internet if you google it.

The second question. You usually add it in where you need it and then work it as the piece gets bigger. Intarsia is usually used for larger blocks of individual color as opposed to things that travel along the entire circle of the fabric. Usually there is a chart that will show you what stitches to use the color on.

When the pattern indicates that you are to turn, it generally is referring to somethig called a wrap and turn or part of a short row. A short row is used to create assymetry in the fabric. Essentially what it does is adds extra rows in the middle of the row that you are knitting. Its used for socks, its used for shaping of bust lines on women’s sweaters, or it can be used to create details in garments. There is a video on this website that shows how to do a short row and in that video it explains the wrap and turn.

Thanks for the reply! I am so excited that a guy is an advanced knitter! My husband doesnt care about knitting jargon!
I’ll check out the videos