Duplicate stitch?

I am looking to make some golf club covers for my FIL, and I see alot of the the patterns call for the numbers put on in duplicate stitch. I’ve decided to do my own pattern, but is this duplicate stitch easier than just using intarsia?

also…would wool be good to use for the covers?

According to one of my books, I forget which, duplicate stitch is superior to intarsia (in terms of the end results) in the instance when you’re only doing one-stitch-wide of that color.

Sounds like a fun project. :slight_smile:

Duplicate stitch is very easy to do, especially if you’ve ever done cross stitch or needlepoint.

I have made golf club covers many times and now only work them up in my own pattern. One other design you might try is in place of the numbers and duplicate stitch you might want to consider stripes. I really like the way they come out and you can view the stripes from all angles not just one side like the number would be. Just something for you to consider.

Wool is fine to knit these with, I just like the idea of having them be machine washable so I usually use Plymouth Encore which is a 25% wool/acrylic blend.