Duplicate stitch video

I have finished knitting a baby sweater. It looks boring and I want to add some rows in different colors. Google revealed that I need to use duplicate stitches for this. I looked at various sites which had photos of this. I prefer a a video and I searched KH videos, but didn’t find one on duplicate stitches. Does someone know of any other video?

I can’t help you with a video, sorry, but I learnt duplicate stitch from this site -
Scroll down to the section on duplicate stitch, with the green and yellow diagrams.

I found those diagrams much easier to follow than others I googled. Duplicate stitch isn’t hard, and its quite fun to do. Its also called Swiss Darning.

I know Amy has a videoon duplicate st where it is showing you how to weave in the ends…you may watch that to get a good idea of how to do it…:thumbsup:

Thanks miss_molly, that site was really helpful.

dustniac, I will have a look at the video. May be I can figure it out.

You’re not supposed to link to the video without permission, but, if you Google Vicki Designs, she has a video for duplicate stitch that’s really helpful.

Once you Google Vicki Designs and go to her site, click on the link on the left that reads Intarsia Instructions. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you’ll see a few videos there…It’s the last video.

Thanks Demonica. I can’t access videos from here, but I will certianly check it out from home.