Duplicate stitch for pure knit stitch


I think I require a duplicate stitch for the basic knit stitch please. Can’t find a video on that. please send a suitable link.

Find an image attached of where the tiny hole is pointed at with a pencil. please judge from image to see what video is needed. Thanks for your help

By “duplicate stitch”, do you mean making an increase? If so, then have a look at this video:

You can use this both for plain stockinette as well as for garter.

To engblom I don’t mean that sorry. Anyone else suggest a video for doing a duplicate stitch for pure knit stitch. Refer to above image for hole please

It’s difficult to see the hole but I think what you need is to trace the path that the yarn should have taken. Use a length of matching yarn and weave in the ends. That will likely close up the hole. This technique will work on garter stitch (as well as the stockinette shown in the video) and should be even more difficult to detect.

See especially 1:45 minutes.