Duplicate st...Reversible?

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

So, I’m going to venture out on the long road that is the baby blanket…Reading through the pattern, well there’s a few things I don’t get, but I’ll leave those 'till later, haha.
It’s the ‘Dragonflies’ blanket in the Company’s Coming Crafts Knitting book, if anyone has it. Anyways, I thought the dragonflies on the blanket were just knit in. But at the end of the pattern it says “…embroider dragonflies…in duplicate st…” Now, I think I understand how to do duplicate st…my question is what does it look like on the other side (WS)? Will it look the same as the front (RS)? I’d hate to knit the whole blanket, THEN try and embroider the dragonflies, only to have it ugly on the one side, haha.
Any thoughts?

Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

I’m not so sure when I do it that the back side looks real nice. :sad: I wouldn’t say it can’t be done pretty nicely though. Your point is a good one. Why don’t you make a little swatch and do one of the dragonflies and see if it satisfies you? I have not found a lot of help beyond the basics for how to do duplicate stitch on the internet, so I don’t know anywhere to direct you for neater DS.

Oooh, a swatch, that’s a great idea! Thanks; I’ll let you know how it goes, haha :slight_smile: