Dumb question

[FONT=&quot]I’m at this point in the pattern. How do I place the pieces on the needles? Does it make a difference? Thanks!

SEE KNITTING TIP! Slip sleeves on the same circular needle [B]size US 4[/B] as body piece where bind off for armholes = 233-249[B]-265[/B]-281 sts. [B]Insert a marker in all transitions between body piece and sleeves = 4 markers.[/B] Continue in rib with front bands as before. AT THE SAME TIME dec for raglan – SEE DECREASING TIP!


You want the sleeves to be placed at the area of the bind off for the armholes. It sounds like you’re going to be knitting the top of the sweater with raglan decreases where the sleeves and the fronts or the sleeves and the back join (the location of the 4 markers). Do you have a link to the pattern?

DROPS 112-9 by DROPS Design

Thanks, Lin. Yes, you will have to move the right front sts to another needle or to the other side of the circular, slide one of the sleeves onto the needle, and then slide the right front back onto the needle. Do the same with the other sleeve and left front so that you end up with the parts in order as they would be for the sweater: right front, sleeve, back, sleeve, and left front. All of the pieces will have the public side to the outside.
This is such a pretty sweater. Good luck with it. I always think this part is the most fun because the sweater really starts to take shape.

Thank you very much! I must admit I’m sort of procrastinating with proceeding with it since I feel intimidated…