Dumb question

Hi, I’m working on three double pointed needles (and one working needle)…I have a marker in place…Now, the pattern states to [B][I][COLOR=Red]bind off 8 sts each side for armhole (=4 sts on each side of marker)…[/COLOR][/I][/B]
[COLOR=Black]Now, it doesn’t seem to be working out right…I binded off t[/COLOR]he 4 sts at the beginning…and then the other 4 sts are at the end of the round and there is 1 st between the gap…I don’t think that is right. Shouldn’t it be a continuous space without any sts in the binded off section?? P.S. Not sure if I should say binded or bound??? LOL
Thanks for any clarification on this…I know there is an easy explanation, but I can’t see it…Linda

If you bind of 4sts before the marker first and then continue on to bind off 4 more sts (a total of 8sts bound off) you’ll have one continuous underarm. Since it sounds like the marker is at the beginning of the round, you would start binding off at the end of the previous round and continue the bind off at the beginning of the next round.

Oh! So, I’ve been binding off at the beginning of the row…I should be binding off at the end and continuing the bind off on the beginning of the next row…If that makes sense…OK…I think it makes sense to me…LOL

Since you’re working in the round, that’s exactly what you should do.