Dumb question

Sorry this is such a dumb question. I am just doing my very first project and thanks to this web site I am learning to knit. I started a shawl by just knitting but I am finding that there are so many stitches on my straight needle that I fear I won’t be able to get all the stitches I need to finish to fit on the needle What do you do? Finished shawl is 80 inches wide. Will this all fit on a 14 inch needle?:aww:

Welcome to KH!! No such thing as a dumb question either!!

You will need to get a circular needle in the same size as your 14" needle (say you are knitting with a size 8 then you will want a circ in size 8)…they have different sizes of cables for the most part I find a 32" to be comfy for a shawl/wrap…sometimes I work on a 24" with no problem too :thumbsup:

Since you can knit back and forth on circs without joining and also in the round you may want to start buying only circs…or look into an interchangeable set…:happydance:

Thank you so much! Especially for answering so quick.

Welcome to KH. There is no such thing as a dumb question if you do not know the answer Hon.

I use circular needles for all my knitting, whether it is flat knitting (what you are doing now) or knitting in the round. I find them less bulky and easier on the wrists.

Good luck with your shawl. That’s an ambitious project for a first project. I hope it goes well for you.