Dumb question

It might be a dumb question, so I am sorry.

Well I am new at knitting, very new. I am teaching myself how to knit. So I thought that I would start off very simple with a big striped scarf. The scarf should be two colors. My problem is that when I get to the point to where I think the first stripe is big enough and I want to start with the other color. I just don’t know how to add another color to keep it going. Please help me I just want to learn.

No question is dumb, we all had to learn the same thing! :hug:

To start a new color you just start knitting with the new yarn. You can cut the old color and weave the end in later. Here’s a quick tutorial on weaving in the ends.

Weaving in the ends

I think there is one here on KH, too.

There are a few different ways to do it and its just personal preference. When I started knitting I just tied a knot and started with the new color. Then weave in the ends when you’re done. A lot of people don’t like having knots, and I don’t do it that way anymore.
Another way is to knit a stitch with both colors then drop the old one and continue with the new. Weave in the ends when you’re done.
Or you could just drop the old color and start with the new, but be sure to weave the ends in well so you don’t get a hole.

I feel slow now. :stuck_out_tongue:

the only dumb question is the question that you don’t ask :slight_smile: