Dumb question of the week!

Ok, so I can’t figure out what directions mean when they say “end with wrong side row” or “end with row 1 of pattern”. So does that mean you end your knitting at the start of the wrong side row, or at the end of the wrong side row? Why can’t I understand this? :wall:

It means you have finished Row 1 of the pattern or the purl row or whatever because you’ll be doing something different on the next row. Usually increases or decreases.

When it says “end with wrong side row” it means knit to the end of the wrong side row. Your next row (if there is one) will be on the right side. Hope that helps.

If it says end with Row 1, you should knit row one, then stop. So whatever it says, you end AFTER doing the row (row 1, right side, wrong side, etc)

Definitely NOT a dumb question. :slight_smile: It confused me when I started and sometimes it still confuses me. :wink:

No question is ever dumb if you don’t know the answer.

P.S. Simplethings, I love that scarf. Did you knit that? It’s beautiful…

Yeah, what they said.

I’m so glad someone asked this! I have always been confused by this and now I know for sure.

oh dear…:doh:that means ive got it all wrong…i thought it looked strange:wall: