Dumb question: Blocking?

Okay, I know this seems…amateur (well let’s face it…I basically am an amateur). But what exactly is blocking? I’ve seen pics, but it just hasn’t clicked for me yet.

HERE is a good article about it from knitty.com.

Ahh, thanks for that! I think I got it now. Actually, I’m working on a Big Net scarf/shawl in stockinette stitch and the article says blocking will help reduce the curling. Do you think I could block the Big Net using the spritz method?

:thinking: What is the fiber content of the yarn?

Here is the link for the yarn I’m using (see the first one-Big Net). Whaddya think?

wow that yarn is so fun! I just used a trendsetter yarn that was 35% wool, 25% poly and 30% acrylic…similar to yours. I used the steam method on it and it worked fine. I just set the iron to steam and hovered it above the item. Of course, mine wasn’t curling that much to start with though. I think I would try that first because its the easiest, then you could always switch to a more heavy duty method it you need to.

Okay, thanks a lot! I’ll try that first and let you know how it comes out:)