Dumb Question about Carrying Yarn

Hi All–

I am going to make the Hogwart’s Scarf for my nephew–the one from atypically knit–the PoA scarf that is knit in the round. Having knit two hats in the round, I have come to realize that when you change colors, the yarn that you have to weave in is on the outside (right side) when knitting circularly.

Does this mean that I cannot “carry” the yarn when knitting circularly (when the color change is only a few rows (5 or less)?


:?? All my yarn changes are on the inside when I knit in the round. I like it because they can hang there and I don’t have to worry about weaving in the ends nicely. I can’t figure out how you have it on the outside. :shrug:

Oh boy, if you can’t figure it out, then I am doomed. :verysad:

I just cast on (long tail) for circular knitting to try and figure out what I might be doing wrong. I watched Amy’s video for circular knitting and I seem to be doing it right. The last stitch of my cast on is on the right needle and the first stitch on the left. And before joining I made sure the edge of the cast on was facing down, towards my lap. I did the join and knitted the loose cast on end with the main yarn for a couple of stitches. Once I do the join and do my first knit stitch, the yarn says on the outer side of the needles unless I bring it forward to do a purl stitch.
Anyone have any ideas about what I might be doing wrong?

:?? I do the same thing. The working yarn is on my right needle, and the first cast on stitch is on the left. Because all the stitches are knit, the yarn should stay in the back automatically, whether or not you include the tail in the join or not. I just can’t picture how it gets to the front.

If you can’t figure it out, you could just thread that piece and stick it through to the back.

Can you post a picture?

You may be knitting inside out. Are the needle tips closer to you or on the far side?


She was knitting inside out. It got cleared up in another post.

Ahh, I wondered if that was the same person. Didn’t pay close attention to the name.