Dumb pattern question from a newbie

Hi all,
I’m a newbie…well, I’ve knitted before but never a sweater, always the simple stuff.
I’m working on Drops Wrap Cardigan and the armhole shaping reads as follows:
"bind off for armhole at each side every other row: 4st 1 time, etc."
I can’t figure out how to bind off at both sides, when I get to the end, I do 3 bind offs, now I have a loop left on my left needle. What do I do with it? Everything I try is wrong…I’m lost…I thought I was doing so good till I got to this…
Anyone who can help, I would greatly appreciate it! :knitting:

You only bind off at the beginning of the row. so bind off 4, knit to the end. then bind off 4, knit to the end.

Oh thank you! This is for the back of the sweater…what do they mean then by “each” side? Wow, their patterns are complicate, but I’m determined…I’m gonna give it a go, wish me luck…

I’m not sure why it would say bind of on each end–that would end up giving the exact result you got (one loop left on the needle). But what Marilyn says will get you the results you need.

Patterns from Drops all say BO on each side (not each end). And when you BO at the beginning of the rows and look at the piece, they really are bound off at each side (meaning edge, or you could say rs/ws side).

This forum is the best…thank you…I finally got it … duh!