Dumb Attack! Silly Question

(Note: This is first time I am following a pattern by my self! Scary!)

My pattern says:

1st and 2nd rows: Sl 1, knit to the end.

I know Sl means to slip the stitch but how do I do that? Do I just not knit that stitch? And what happens to it when I come back on the next row? Do I knit it?

Thanks for your help!


I’m not very good at answering technical questions, but I’ll try to help!

To slip the stitch, you place your needle into the stitch just as if you were going to knit it, but instead you just slip the stitch off of the left needle and on to the right one.

When you get back to it on the next row, it will basically look just like the others and you would go ahead and knit it.

Thanks a lot! I read your thread about the socks and I think that the answer to the first question is yes. If you just knit, it will look like the stockinette stitch. That is what happened with my sock. Whether it is right or not, I have no clue. Sorry.

Yes, I think so too! I was a little bit confused since it was looking inside out. I’m not sure how I learned how to do it that way, instead of the right way, but I’m self-taught and don’t actually know any knitters to show me how to do things, I’m sure that has something to do with it!

Good luck with your pattern!

If you slip as if to knit the st will be twisted. If you slip as it to purl it’ll be seated correctly on the ndl. Depends on what you’re wanting on the edge. Is it scarf or afghan? You can try it both ways on your swatch and see which you prefer the look of. I prefer to do mine as if to purl but that necessitates moving the yrn fwd, as well, for the slip.