Duluthian knitters?.. anyone?

Yo, my name’s Claire. I’m a student up here in Duluth and i would love to get together every so often with a group from Duluth. Maybe we could all meet at the Starbucks, Amazing Grace Cafe or Jitters or something. Anyone who lives in Duluth knows sweaters, scarves and the like are vital accessories during the butt-numbing winters up here.

Have you been to yarn Harbor? They have some get together times each week. So does the shop up in Knife Point but for me it is just too far to knit. Not to mention when winter comes this southern girl is staying put. Yarn harbor is less than a 1/4 mile from me. Let me know if you are planning to go up there. I am there a few times a week trying to get stuff for the Christmas projects. I am excited to have another KH’er up here.

I’m only a hour away in Eveleth.I grew up in Duluth so go down every other week to shop.There is a yarn shop in Woodland by UMD.It’s in a small mini mall.Let’s all get together in Duluth for some knitting.

Wish I could come! I miss Duluth so much…I love it up there. Maybe I need to make a weekend trip…

I imagine anytime y’all say I can meet at Yarn Harbor over on Woodland. So let me know.

Not a Duluthian knitter, but I did visit Duluth, for the first time, this past summer! I can’t wait to go back, but probably not int he winter! LOL! Winter is cold enough here in eastern WI.

I lived in Duluth for about a year, many years ago. Oh my goodness, it was cold! I didn’t know how to knit back then, but it sure would have been a nice hobby for the long winter months.

I don’t know if you are interested, but here is the Charitable Crafters in Duluth website:


This will be my first winter. Not sure what I am getting into but I won’t mine being shut in with my yarn. I :rofl:

Wish I could come!  I miss Duluth so much...I love it up there.  Maybe I need to make a weekend trip.......

Just let us know when you plan on a trip up:cheering:

Melissa we can plan a yarn date:teehee:

Let me know what ya all think:woohoo:

Let me know when you will be shopping next and we will get together. There is a pizza place and a deli right there at the strip center if you want to get lunch.

Sounds like fun to me!!! I’m free Thursday & Friday this week.One of those days good for you?

Thursday is great but Friday morning to 1 is good too. So really either works for me.

Thursday it is.Lets see they don’t open till 10 am so how about 10:30 and we can do lunch after the damage is done at the LYS.LOL LOL If we have any money left that is!!! LOL LOL

1030 on Thursday it is. Cool this will be fun.