Dulaan child charity hat

I would think many of you are acquainted with these hats for kids as it seemed to be very popular a few years back.
I would like to make some of these for our Angel Tree at Christmas but was wondering what it would take to make an adult size. I figure if I add on 3 or 4 stitches I could get a larger childs hat as it says the pattern will fit 2-8 year old child.
Has anyone tried this hat, and how many stitches did you put on for the adult and larger child and what length did you go. Thanks

I don’t know what hat pattern you are using or what weight yarn, but I for a worsted weight basic hat I usually cast on about 72-80.

I am sorry I wasn’t more specific. I think you use double worsted and make it into a tube then fold right sides together to make a really warm hat.

Oh you’re seaming… I’ve never made one like that I always do them in the round. Well if you double worsted yarn you get appx bulky weight.

This one is knit in the round, but the cast on would be about the same if you seam it. You might cast on a few extra for seaming and don’t count those two stitches in any pattern or the decreases. The cast on for this one is 64.

Having no idea what a dulaan hat looks like, I googled a bit and found it is actually this charity:

While they accept any kind of hat, many of the patterns they link to are double thick. Here are a couple of the adult hats: