Duh...WTH did I do?

Hi everyone…well, just co’d 32 sts to make a very simple poncho (pat on KH)…I decided to “jazz it up” and add some lace effect…well, I thought a k1 then yo would give me some nice holes…To my suprise I just realized I have doubled the amount of sts…yes I am now knitting about 70 some sts!!!:frog:it’s o.k. now the panel will definetly be long enough…but how did I inc like that? and How can I make some lace using the same amount of sts I started with?:aww:

Yes a YO is an inc stitch and without dec sts to match, you will end up with twice as many sts. You would need to yo, k2tog, yo, k2tog across your work to get the holes without extra sts.