Duh! Question

Just to confirm … lace weight yarn is [size=2]thinner [/size]than fingering weight yarn. Yes? I’ve seen it described differently on different charts and websites.

I don’t really know why I’m asking this question because I can’t imagine ever knitting anything in fingering weight yarn anyway. But … the yarns are so durn purty.


Hi kitten,

Yes, lace weight IS thinner than fingering, although in many shawls I’ve seen it used doubled.
Knitpicks has some GORGEOUS lace weight yarns, some in alpaca and silk - feels yummy. And a lot of lacy patterns are knit on larger needles than you’d expect for the thickness of the yarn - that’s one of the things that give the “lacy” effect, along with all the YOs. So never say never - you may someday expand your knitting repertoire. Kelly has become addicted to lace knitting recently.

Happy Knitting :XX: :XX:


Thanks, Mary … it was KnitPick’s yarns that made me ask. They look gawgeous. I didn’t think about doubling them … yet another ‘duh’ moment! :rollseyes: Sooo … if I double the lace weight yarn (something like Gossamer or Shimmer from Knitpicks), am I then up to a sport weight yarn - most likely?


FYI…THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A :doh: ‘duh’ question…all questions are good questions…this is how we learn :wink:
:wink: [size=2]sorry about the yelling [/size]:blush:

I believe Julie (Dotmom) refers to knitting with lace yarn as “knitting with hair.” :roflhard:

Aw, thanks, Rebecca - I love learning at this time of my life. When I was younger, learning seemed like ‘work’ – now it’s ‘joy’.

You always make me fee so good!

P.S. I’m going to send you a link to some of our photos from our recent visit to your great city.