Duffer slippers

I have been busy knitting slippers. I have slippers all over the place! The single pair was a gift to my dil for her birthday and the other 4 are slippers I knitted for a group of friends. Fun, quick knit and very easy.

Well, aren’t those just the cutest things? They are really going to come in handy this winter! Great job!!

I always love these projects. I think the duffers are cute. I have never attempted to knit them myself though. Great job.

One of the great things is how quick and easy these are to knit and they make such great gifts. The orange pair I finished with big buttons on the toe of each and really turned out cute. I used knitpicks bulky wool of the andes yarns and they make almost three pairs of adult slippers per two skeins, with the solid color being enough for a fourth one. You can’t beat that for a hand knit gift that is truly inexpensive.

They all look so pretty and cozy!

They look so cozy!

I made 4 pair of these duffers for the auction at our family reunion! They were a very hot item. All the girls and ladies wanted them. Yours are really cute!

I think they are a great gift item to give to women. They are inexpensive to make, quick to knit up and felt and great looking. I also took fabric paint and dotted and squiggled the bottom and made them slip resistant. One bottle of fabric paint did all 6 pairs I have done so far. I like the two toned slippers best. Thanks for all the nice comments, but a big thanks needs to go out out to the creator, Mindie Tallack on Ravelry. :hug:

That’s a great idea with the fabric paint. They do tend to be slippery for sure. Have you seen the ones that have a flap across the top of the toes? That’s cute too.

They are cute. It is a pattern that is so fun to play with.

Love the slippers! Especially the orange and pink,…they just look sooo comfy! Easy? Gee, I hope so,…I’d like to try,…I am teeter between advanced beginner and just barely intermediate,…so where would these slippers fall? :slight_smile:

These are pretty easy to do actually. As long as you can do things like knitting two together, doing increases by do the make 1, doing slip, slip, knit, you will do fine. If you get stuck everyone here can help you through it including myself. Also, she includes tons of information to help you out and make them bigger if necessary, etc. Felting is easy too, just ask anyone. Of course any of the things you need to know that you don’t are right here in videos to help you learn how! Good luck and looking forward to seeing them.

Those are adorable and in bright and cheery colors, too. Great work.

Thanks,…I’ll be hunting up my needles very soon! :slight_smile:

When I did the four pair (all except the orange ones) I knitted them for four cyber friends I have. I bought yarn to match them, the green and pink ones are called Garden Party and this lady is into that sort of thing, the blue and brown are called Beach Front and she lives in the Va Beach area, the dark red and green ones are called Redwood Forest and she grew up in California and the orange and pink pair are called Sweet Shoppe and she and I are always discussing weight loss tips, cooking and stuff. I know, corny, but it was fun as always picking out the perfect yarn for the projects I do for others.

These look lovely - where can we get the pattern?


The pattern is on Ravelry. Just type in “duffer slippers” in the search and it will bring it right up.

I saw those last night and am inspired. Checked 'em out on Rav. and they will be my next project. Thanks for sharing.:happydance:

OH WOW!!! Great work! You’ve been busy!

Hey, these are great. :heart: I bought a pattern for some felted slippers a year or two ago, but haven’t made them yet. I’m not even sure what size yarn they call for. But yours are so inspiring I may get it out and see if I have any appropriate yarn. Thanks for sharing.