Dryer Balls

Has anybody used these things? I looked in the sticky about earth friendly stuff and I didn’t see anything.
They’re these plastic balls about three inches in diameter that have bumps on them. Supposedly they take the place of fabric softener and poof up your towels in the dryer. They’re something like 10 bucks and not that I’m cheap (well yes I am) but I don’t want to shell out the dough unless they work. Lemme know. :slight_smile:

I’ve used dryer balls for years. Mine are the older ones – somewhat smaller, and in a set of 8. I’d hate to do without them. They do work.

I have been using them. We can even get them in dollar stores now and they seem the same as the originals. The more you use, I have 6, the quicker the clothes are supposed to dry. I still add a small piece of dryer sheet if I have a lot of items containing polyester They are pretty noisy as the dryer tumbles but I like the feel of the towels with them.

I’ve been using mine for a couple years now. They save you money in the long run & are supposed to be better for your clothes. They work great.

I am CHEAP, and I admit it. I used tennis balls in the dryer. I love the way the clothes come out, and it takes less time. My sister uses the dryer balls, and we have the same results, but she spent more money.

I am not going to complain about being cheap. Just paid off my student loan.

I just put the clothes in the dryer. No dryer sheet, I think the smell icky and leave your clothes and towels with a funny coating. I don’t use fabric softner either. I use unscented ALL liquid detergent.

I do use tennis balls (very cheap ones from Target) when I dry my down jacket or comforter.

The balls just don’t seem necessary to me.


I have been using dryer balls for several years. I never noticed a difference in drying time or fluffing, but they saved me a ton on dryer sheets. Not to mention, I had to buy the more expensive fragrance free sheets due to dh having sensitive skin, so they were not cheep. And, as an aside, they work great for cloth diapers too. They are a little noisy though. Well worth $10 IMO.

I use a fabric sheet if I’m drying stuff that could accumulate static electricity. Otherwise, I’ve been using the same balls for almost 2 years. I don’t think they wear out.