Drum roll please....completed sock!

Thank you all SO much for being SO patient with me, I would have not been able to finish this sock without all your help. It’s not perfect, theres two holes on the sides but it’s complete! Also it was my first time grafting so it’s not perfect either. I am sure the matching sock will be better now that I have gone through it once. Also not sure how to weave in the ends lol but here it is!

Yay! It looks great for you first sock! Now you know the way to do it each one will get easier and better. :thumbsup:

Weaving in ends -

Thanks Jan!

You know the holes I talked about on both sides? Is that from the gussett? When I picked up stitches? I noticed that there was a space but wasn’t sure if I should have picked up more stitches, then knit two together to make the proper amount of stitches. I also have a hole under the foot, I noticed as I was knitting in the round I was getting a big string between two needles.

Congratulations on a serious 3D object! :slight_smile: Not sure about the holes… could be that it needed just one more stitch in there. I am working on a pair of socks myself and the pattern that I printed out for inspiration called for M1 in that particular spot.

As for ‘ladders’, the stretched stitches between the needles, there are two things you could do:

  1. Pull the yarn somewhat tighter when you make the first stitch on the left needle.
  2. Change the spot between needles by slipping a few stitches from one needle to another every 3-4 rows. So, if you had say 10 and 10 on each, make it 8 and 12 and then 12 and 8.

Hope that helps.

Yes, that is the gusset and it’s a common spot to have holes. I pick up an extra stitch on the first one and I usually pick up the back loop. You can also twist it by knitting into the back of the stitch which makes it tighter.

A hole under the foot…sounds like maybe you dropped a stitch?

Fantastic! You did it, you did a great job of it. Now do that second sock with modifications at the gusset. Well done!

Socks, though not hard once you get the hang of them are very scary to start with. Yours are great and a great color. The more you make them the better you get at them.

:yay:WOOHOO!!!:yay: Good for you! Nice first sock! :thumbsup:

The first sock you knit will always be the hardest one, after that they become quite addictive. Or at least that’s been my experience.:mrgreen:

Congratulations again!

:woot: Congratulations LoveBug! I was just reading your thread in “how to” and am chuffed you kept trying. It feels so good when a challenge is overcome and going from scarves to beanies to socks is a big leap. I’ve not dared to try socks yet but your perserverance is encouraging to this sockophobic. :oo: :slight_smile:

Nice! I’m impressed. :cheering: :woohoo:

Thanks everyone!

MrsPilgrim - Try it! It is frustrating but you just gotta keep at it! I really want to challenge you to try just one.

I can’t wait to make more! :slight_smile:

Great job! I remember how motivated and encouraged I was to knit my first sock with the help of this bunch here :slight_smile: About 40 pairs later, I’m still addicted.

Ah Lovebug Im just moving out of scarves, I have my first jumper giving me a migrain at the moment, but thanks to Sue and Salmonmac I think I may overcome this cursed thing. I was going to do a beanie next as my first circular project then the socks, but when I do I’ll post it up! :slight_smile:

That’s a fabulous sock–holes and all! Those are just design elements and learning experiences. Keep it just the way it is, and you can always look back on it and remember how you persevered!


GOOD WORK! You should be very proud! Now don’t forget to do the other sock right away! Some say, if you don’t-you never will. :teehee:

How’s the 2nd one coming along?

2nd sock syndrome? LOL Two at a time! I almost succumbed to 2nd slipper syndrome recently.

LBA, socks are cool. Now you’ve got the first one out of the way, the possibilities are endless…until you run out of yarn.

It actually took me awhile to finish the second haha! I was like “ugh now I have to do the other one.” I have been busy with work so haven’t been able to knit as much as I would like too. However I sat down today and finished (minus the grafting) the second sock. This one I found easier to knit, but I’m still having issues picking up stitches in the gusset, I’m ending up with holes, and when I put them on, the yarn is really stretching out around the ankle where I needed to pick up stitches. I’ll try and get a pic of what I mean but for now here’s a top view.

Great job on a matching pair! From the top, they look splendid.

thanks so much! I am have a lot of left over yarn, so I am making my mother a pair now :slight_smile:

Well done! I just finished a second mitten (the first was made more than a month ago) and I can totally relate to the feeling of a great accomplishment :slight_smile: