Drug info please

My DD (17 years old) has suffered from what seems to be anxiety for about 2 years. I took her to a urgent care center today because of chest pain, shortness of breath, and rapid heart beat. She has had these symptoms before, but they seem to be getting more frequent.

Anyway, they gave her [B]Lexapro[/B], a drug for treating anxiety and depression. Does anyone have any info, or experience with this drug? I’m very hesitant giving the kids any medications and have heard some bad things about antidepressants.

Any help or info you can give will be appreciated.

Thanks!! :hug:

I took Lexapro a few years ago for about a year or two. I had lost my dad 5 years ago and it seems it triggered depression. I became weepy and emotional. I really never noticed a difference other than not being so weepy. I never had any side effects like headache or whatever else they listed. I did, however, feel that it dulled my …ahem [COLOR=silver]sex drive, [/COLOR][COLOR=black]but for your dd that would not be a concern? So, I decided to try something else…then eventually decided not to take anything at all about a year and a half ago. I think it’s time to revisit because i’m getting more emotional again…possibly a monthly thing. I’ve never been PMSy, but it seems the last year or so, just before that time, I’m a wreck.[/COLOR]
So, to summarize, I felt it mild and useful for a time. Good communication with your dd and her dr. will hopefully put you at ease and help you find the right fit.:thumbsup:

I took Lexapro for a year or two. I’d be hesitant to start her on it without her visiting her regular physician. I find it alarming that an urgent care center would prescribe it without a full workup on her. It take a couple of weeks for your system to realize the benefits of using it, so it doesn’t meet the emergency needs that caused you to take her to an urgent care center. Something like a mild 2 mg dose of diazepam would’ve accomplished that instead. So… how odd that they prescribed Lexapro. It helps the patient cope more easily with daily challenges - kind of evens out the rough patches, and drugs of this sort seem ok as long as you’re taking them. Quitting them cold turkey can bring on trouble to the patient and to everyone else he or she lives with or works with. You’re wise to hesitate.

edit: Lexapro must be taken every day in order to do what it was prescribed to do. It isn’t a quick fix.

I’ve taken it for a few years and LOVE it. It’s my 3rd try at antidepressants and it’s perfect. It has fewer side effects than most ADs. Not that it’s a concern to your daughter yet (hopefully) but I’ve taken it through pregnancy and breastfeeding with no ill effects.

I think all ADs work differently for each person. She may not like it and have to change a few times, but there’s nothing wrong with that. I was 20 when I had my first bout with ADs and they didn’t work, but I didn’t know how to tell people and was afraid of the consequences if I did. It’s a very hard and confusing time and I didn’t have a supportive family nor anyone outside of the psych office to talk to. I’m so glad to hear that you are researchin for her and supportive (I’m assuming). Whatever you do, make sure she knows there is nothing “wrong” with her and she’s not alone! There’s tons of people who don’t get the help they need.


sending you a private message.

I take Lexapro and love it. I have been on/off various depression/anxeity meds over the past 14 years and found that Lexapro works the best for me. DH can definitely tell a difference when I am “on” my meds. I haven’t had any problems, except remembering to take it, so I got myself one of those little “weekly” pill cases (or as my doctor calls it my “grandma box”, though I am only 29 and not even a mom yet)! :teehee:

I still have to deal with everyday stress (work, home, etc) but the meds help me keep get thourgh it without letting it “get” to me. Like everyone said, it does take a little bit to kick in and some headaches, drowsiness, etc is normal at first but should go away in time.

Thanks to all of you for the useful info. :hug:

I’m going to try to talk to her primary care Dr. today to see what he says.

She has had anxiety for about 2 years, so the Dr. is aware of it. There have been several trips to the ER, the Dr., and to the urgent care center. This is the first time anyone has tried to prescribe any meds for her, I’m thinking it is because of her age.

She will be going off to college next year, and I REALLY want this resolved before she leaves. I don’t think I could send her if she is still having chest pains and shortness of breath.

I think in my opinion after you see your pcp try to get a referral to a phyciatrist. I think antidepressants/ antianxiet meds can be a godsend. But, there are so many different kinds on the market it can be a little while to get a good fit for your dd, and a phyciatrist will have more knowledge of the different medications. Good luck to you both. :hug: