Drowning in Cables


I fell in love with this bag but the directions aren’t making sense to me. The panel pattern states on row 2 that 2nd and all alt rows should be knit on all knit sts and purl on all p sts… but… down in the pattern it tells you to work Row 2 of the Panel Patter A. ** p8. Rep from * once, then * to ** once.

I thot it was just knit all knit sts & purl all purl sts? And the alternate rows should all just be this same instruction, but it has 4th Row as *Work 4th row of Panel Pat A. ** p8, Repeat from * once, then from * to ** once. I thought the alternate rows were just Knit & purl as they come up?

I’m so confused

Yes, it doesn’t seem to be written very well does it? First off, the actual pattern doesn’t start until it says [B]Bag [/B]nearly half way down the page. The part marked instructions is explaining the stitch patterns used.

So once you have cast on and are ready to proceed with row 1, it tells you to repeat from * once, then from * to ** once. So what it wants you to do first is the whole line of instructions (this is the repeat from * once part), for row 1 that would be:

panel pattern row 1, then C5F

Then when it says from * to ** once, it means to go back to the beginning of that row but only work to the **. So for row 1 that would mean repeating the panel pattern row 1 once more.

So the whole first row would be:

panel pattern row 1, C5F, panel pattern row 1

All of the following rows would proceed in the same way.

Hope this helps.

Yeah got that part… this is what is getting me confused… where is the P8 coming from?

[B]Panel Pat[/B]

[/I] (worked over 21 sts).
[I][B]1st row:[/B] (RS). P1. K2. P5. T5B. P5. K2. P1.

[/I] [I][COLOR=Red][B]2nd and alt rows:[/B] Knit all knit sts and purl all purl sts as they appear.[/COLOR]

[/I] [I][B]3rd row:[/B] P1. T3F. P3. T3B. P1, T3F. P3. T3B. P1.

[/I] [I][B]5th row:[/B] P2. T3F. P1. T3B. P3. T3F. P1. T3B. P2.

[/I] [I][B]7th row:[/B] P3. T5F. P5. T5F. P3.

[/I] [I][B]9th row:[/B] P2. T3B. P1. T3F. P3. T3B. P1. T3F. P2.

[/I] [I][B]11th row:[/B] P1. T3B. P3. T3F. P1. T3B. P3. T3F. P1.

[/I] [I][B]12th row:[/B] As 2nd row.

[/I] [I][B]Bag[/B]
With smaller needles and 1 strand of yarn, cast on 79 sts. Beg with a knit row, work 14 rows in stocking st.

[/I] [I] With larger needles and 2 strands of yarn, proceed as follows:

[/I] [I][B]1st row:[/B] (RS). *Work 1st row of Panel Pat A. **C5F. K3. Rep from * once, then from * to ** once.

[/I] [I][COLOR=Red][B]2nd row:[/B] *Work 2nd row of Panel Pat A.**P8. Rep from * once, then from * to ** once. [/COLOR]

[/I] [I][B]3rd row:[/B] *Work 3rd row of Panel Pat A. **K3. C5B. Rep from * once, then from * to ** once.

[/I] [I][COLOR=Red][B]4th row:[/B] *Work 4th row of Panel Pat A. **P8. Rep from * once, then from * to ** once. [/COLOR]

Purl 8 is between the cable panels maybe? Or it’s the ws of k3, C5…

Have you actually started knitting? Once you do, you’ll probably find the 8 sts that are meant to be purled.

That’s the only thing I can figure… I’ve ripped it out twice LOL I’ll work it again and let you now how it works out.

Cables are still a new thing to me so I"m stressing maybe a little and over reading? I sure hope so … love the design but omg my head went pearshaped :roflhard:

There’s a panel pattern that’s done over 21 stitches – and that’s where the knit-knits-and-purl-purls thing comes in. The whole thing’s done over 79 stitches; row 1 of the bag, you have (21 sts row 1 panel pattern) + (5 sts cabley thing + K3) + (21 panel) + (5 cable + K3) + (21 panel). Row 2 of the bag, all of the panel areas you knit the knits and purl the purls, but you’re doing p8 over the 5 cable + K3 areas in between.

…I think. squint It’s kind of confusingly written…

That’s kind of what was getting me too lol you could go cross eyed over these things LOL

I have knit this bag:woohoo:

isabeau is correct.

I had to place stitch markers so I could keep my brain straight.

21 sts panel pattern (marker)
8 sts cable pattern (5 sts for cable +3) (marker)
21 sts panel pattern (marker)
8 sts cable pattern (5 sts for cable +3) (marker)
21 sts panel pattern

with the markers, I knew that on the wrong side, everytime I came to the 8 stitches I just purled them. The 21 stitch pattern, i had to just do the opposite that I did on the right side. After a while I started to recognize which stitches I needed to knit and purl. I couldn’t get it at first. The cabling, made it so tight, that I couldn’t recognise which stitches were what.

I hope thtis helps. I tend to explain thing very confusing…:aww:

isabeau seemed very clear:)

Thats the same bag :smiley: It looks great! I wasn’t brave enough to try it in a dark color first time out tho lol I really want to get these cables down pat though as there’s a celtic sweater I’m just DYING to make :inlove: