Drops top with lace pattern 101-23

I got this pattern off Ravelry. I am struggling with the pattern, which is knit on a circular needle. K3, lift the first of the 3 sts over the other 2, 2 yo. On the next row…knit all stitches, but P 1 yo and drop the other. Somehow this isn’t coming out right. Any advice? Has anyone else knit this summer sweater?

Do you understand how these sts are worked? K3, pass the 3rd st on the R needle over the other two - a decrease. Then YO twice (an increase); on the next round drop one loop of the double YO and purl into the remaining one. That will make a dec.

How is it not coming out right, what is happening? These instructions make the line of rather large eyelet holes that show up in a couple of places in the pattern. Lifting the first of the 3 stitches you knit over the next 2 (like a bind off) makes a strong \ line across the base of the 2 knit stitches. Purling one of the loops of the double yarn over and just letting the other one fall off the end of the left needle makes a bigger than normal lace hole. It says to purl the double yarn over in the written instructions, but the chart just shows the row above the k3, lift over, double yo as a knit row. You can’t tell from the picture which one they actually did. You could make a little sample and see which you like best. I think some of the time this maneuver is done it may be flanked by rev St st so the purl would fit in, but I don’t know if that is the case at the neck.

I fiddled around with this on a separate sample and got it to work. I was trying to put an extra knit stitch in. However I’m not sure if I will do a double yarn over in the body of the sweater, as those holes seem too big. It’s a little harder pattern than I have done in the past. It is also difficult to see from the picture what exactly is done. I have not knit in a while, and need a mentor. Thanks for your response!

You could just do a loose single YO to get a similar effect.